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Baked Ziti is an easy, saucy, and cheesy pasta casserole. It has all of the great flavors of lasagna but is much easier to make as a pasta bake with ziti or penne noodles. 
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►1 lb ziti (or penne pasta)
►1 lb ground beef (85% lean)
►1 onion, chopped
►2 garlic cloves, minced
►1 tsp salt
►1/2 tsp black pepper
►5 cups marinara sauce
►15 oz fresh ricotta,
►10 fresh basil leaves
►12 oz mozzarella cheese, shredded
►1 cup grated parmesan cheese


► Classic Rotary Cheese Grater:
► 8oz Ramekins:
► Food Scraper:
► 13×9 White Casserole Dish:
► Oven Mittens:
► Boxed Grater:
► Glass Measuring Cups:
► Bamboo Mixing Utensils:
► Red Dutch Oven:
► Colander:

►Mk4 Thermometer:
►My Favorite Cutting Board:
►Hand Mixer:
►Favorite Blender:
►Food Processor:
►Glass Bowls:
►Kitchen Scale:
►Glass Storage Containers:
►Knife Block Set:
►Our Dinnerware Set:
►My White Apron:

0:00 Intro
0:31 How to cook pasta
1:06 Prepping onion and garlic
1:48 Grating cheese
2:17 Cooking beef and onions
2:51 Adding garlic and seasonings
3:06 Adding marinara sauce
3:32 Draining the pasta
3:57 How to assemble Ziti casserole
4:27 How to cut basil leaves
5:44 How to layer ziti casserole
7:04 Ziti casserole baking instructions
7:52 Taste test
8:43 Describing ziti pasta flavors and texture
9:14 Make-ahead suggestions
9:40 More comfort food ideas
9:54 Bloopers and behind the scenes



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Unfortunately, that consists of fixing meals too. Bake for thirty minutes, or till the casserole starts to bubble, and the cheese starts to brown. Easy Dinner Recipes and healthy dinner recipe can make experience more refreshing.

Get in the routine of daily workout with all its added health advantages. Is the fitness diet of the month the best choice? The high expense will assess your pet dog’s health and development. – Baked ZITI Recipe – Easy PASTA CASSEROLE


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