Feta Cheese- How to Make this Easy Cheese at Home

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Today we are making homemade goat milk feta. You can use cow or sheep milk in this recipe too.

2 gal milk (I use my fresh raw goats’ milk)
MA culture
Lipase powder
Rennet (I use singe strength animal rennet)
Citric acid and Calcium chloride for the brine
Basket molds

The recipe can be found here: http://www.getculture.com/feta-recipe.html

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0:00 Welcome
0:37 Supplies and Equipment
1:00 Starting the Cheese
1:54 Stirring the Cheese
2:09 Adding Rennet and Lipase
3:18 Cutting the Curd
4:06 Stirring the Curds
4:42 Letting the Curds Settle
5:12 Filling the Molds with Cheese
7:05 Flipping the Cheese
7:50 Stacking the Cheese
8:29 Preparing the Brine
9:54 Salting the Cheese
11:11 Ending

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Feta Cheese- How to Make this Easy Cheese at Home

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