HOW TO MAKE EASY CRESCENT TACO 🌮 BAKE #EricandTeresa #PillsburyCrescentRolls #TacoBake

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Guys I’m making an easy dinner 🍲 tonight! It’s Crescent Taco 🌮 Bake with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls as our leading STAR ⭐️ for this dish. This recipe is SUPER EASY so you guys need to give it a try if you have not done so already. Thanks to ALL of our SUBSCRIBERS especially our new SUBSCRIBERS..we say WELCOME to the TNT 🧨 community and thanks for subscribing. Now Let the Journey continue..
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Easy Crescent Taco Bake
Bake on 350 for 15
🍁Follow instructions on can for Crescent Roll

2 lbs of Ground Turkey

3/4 cup of Mild Pace Picante Sauce
I Bag of Shredded Lettuce
1 Ripened Tomato

Baking & Spices
1 pkg of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix

Bread & Baked Goods
1 can of Refrigerated Original Pillsbury Crescent Roll

1 cup Cheddar for Taco’s Cheese
8 oz of Daisy Sour Cream





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HOW TO MAKE EASY CRESCENT TACO 🌮 BAKE  #EricandTeresa #PillsburyCrescentRolls #TacoBake

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