How to Make Feta Cheese (with Cow's Milk)

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Do you want to learn how to make Feta cheese? If you’re the kind of person who drools at the thought of 2 lb. of salty, creamy, tangy feta cheese ready in your refrigerator to be devoured at any time, read on! Once I learned how to make Feta cheese it never hit my grocery list again. This cheese is easy to make, very economical and get rave reviews from friends and family! Firm, yet flaky, this feta is the showstopper on my lunchtime salads almost every day- and I always have something ready to use on a last minute cheese platter.

Traditional feta recipes use goat’s or sheep’s milk, but this recipe uses cow’s milk. I always try to get the freshest milk possible, and it’s the addition of lipase which creates that signature tangy feta flavor. There’s a saying among cheese makers, “Better milk makes better cheese!”

If you’d like to learn how to make cheese, this easy feta cheese recipe will not disappoint. You can do this!

Happy cheese making!
Lisa and YumYum

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Many of the ingredients and equipment used to make my cheeses are from New England Cheese Making Supply. Browse their store here!

Recommended Equipment to Make This Recipe ——-

16 quart non-reactive deep pot:
Tiny spoons:
Stainless steel colander:
8″ Thermometer:
19” straight icing knife for curd cuts (14”blade):
13” stainless steel stirring spoon:
90 weave cheese cloth: 90 weave unbleached cheesecloth:
Pie carrier (for cheese ripening):

Ingredients Used in this video————

C101 mesophilic culture:
Liquid calcium chloride:
Single strength liquid rennet:

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How to make Feta cheese

Remember to always sanitize or sterilize your equipment before you begin any cheese making recipe.

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How to Make Feta Cheese (with Cow's Milk)

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