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Keeping in line with a theme of sorts, over the last couple of cooking videos we have shared our homemade flour tortillas and our beef and bean taco filling. Today let’s employ both of these to make our delicious, quick and easy oven baked tacos! This may seem like a no brainer, but have you ever thought of it? Ever baked your tacos in the oven? This is a great way to make tacos for a crowd or get them on the table quick on a night when you may have leftover or prepped taco filling and the family is clamoring for dinner. An easy way to make tacos that will make everyone happy! Bake them up, and while they are in the oven, get your toppings ready and set out a taco bar. Everyone can grab a taco, top it and enjoy! This is seriously a great idea!

I have seen baked tacos floating around out there for a while, but was reluctant to give them a try. I have seen them folded over and laid out on a baking sheet, put in an upside down cupcake pan in order to hold the tortillas in place and the way I chose to do it which was to prop my homemade flour tortillas up with each other in a baking dish that seemed a little small but was perfect for this job. We all have those casserole dishes that are just a little too small for something to be useful. In this case you should pull it out to make your tacos!

I fit six shells in my small casserole dish and filled them generously with my beef and been taco filling. Then I topped that with a couple tablespoons each of shredded Mexican blend cheese. These went, uncovered, into a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes just until the cheese was well melted and the edges of those tortillas were a little browned and crisp. The one thing I noted, which I loved a lot, was the fact that by doing them this way the meat and cheese sort of meld together making a cohesive filling that is easy to eat and won’t fall apart when you begin to bite into it.

You know the drill. Top these with what you like. More cheese, sour cream, salsa, pico de gallo, avocado or guacamole, chopped tomatoes, onions, olives, lettuce, the list goes on. You make your tacos the way they make you happy! If you meal prep, this is a great way to have everything you need ready to go. Taco filling, tortillas etc, all ready for when you get home in the evening to throw these together and while they are baking you get those toppings ready or you can just enjoy some chips and salsa with the fam and catch up.

I know this may seem like a simple thing but sometimes it’s nice to get a simple idea and run with it! So the next time you think you want tacos, whether it’s a Tuesday or not, give these oven baked version a try! I hope you do try them and I hope you love them!

Happy eating!

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