Trending tiktok baked tomato and feta pasta with grilled chicken

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The trending pasta but with chicken πŸ—

I woke up craving this dish today, from all the tiktoks I’ve been watching of people making it πŸ™ˆ so I had to give it a try! I don’t often eat pasta without chicken, so I decided to serve it with some deliciously spiced chicken.. YUMM!

Have you tried this pasta trend yet? How did you find it?

Next time, I would def add more chilli as I loveee my spicy food!

Recipe below:

– 2 handfuls cherry tomatoes
– 1 block Danish feta cheese
– Salt to taste
– 1 tsp black pepper
– 2 tsp minced/crushed garlic
– 2 tsp garlic powder
– 2 tsp onion powder
– Chilli flakes to taste
– 2 tbsp Olive oil
– Packet of pasta
– Handful of basil leaves

– 2 pcs chicken schnitzel
– 2 tsp garlic powder
– 2 tsp onion powder
– 2 tsp vegeta (or to taste) This replaces salt
– 2 tsp oregano
– 2 tsp paprika

– Place cherry tomatoes and block of a feta in a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and add spices
– Place in a 200c oven for approx 25 mins or until feta is golden and tomatoes are blistered
– Add basil leaves and mush everything really well until it turns into a sauce
– season chicken with spices listed and grill/bake till fully cooked
– Cook pasta as per package instructions
– Once cooked, add pasta over sauce and mix well. Top with chicken and enjoy!

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Trending tiktok baked tomato and feta pasta with grilled chicken

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