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Prepara deliciosa cochinita pibil al instante.

Aquí los ingredientes:

1⁄2 cebolla
2 dientes de ajo
1 naranja (su jugo)
2 limones (su jugo)
1 pastilla de achiote
1⁄2 taza de vinagre blanco
1⁄4 taza de agua
2 cucharaditas de orégano seco
Sal al gusto
1 cucharadita de pimienta
1/2 Kg de pierna de cerdo
1 cebolla morada fileteada
2 chiles habaneros fileteados
1 cucharadita de orégano
1⁄2 cucharadita de pimienta negra entera
1 taza de vinagre blanco

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It is much better not to start or give up right away of you already smoke. You need to stock up on suggested vegetables and fruits. A regular workout plan can help burn off the additional fat and excess calories. – COCHINITA PIBIL – Instant Pot


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